1992 vs 2019 World Cup: Memes played crucial part in keeping hopes alive for Pakistani fans

BY: Maryam Qureshi


Rollercoaster ride it has been for Pakistan’s cricket team. ‘Unpredictable’ is the term locals use to define this team and no doubt they are unpredictable, from turning an easy target by taking it to 6 on 6. Exactly when everything was taking a turn so did social media posts, from bashing Sarfaraz Ahmed about his unfit body to scolding Shoaib Malik on eating burgers, now all limelight was being shifted to the similarities between the pattern of 1992’s World Cup and 2019’s. Now that Pakistan is officially disqualified from 2019 World Cup I will shed some light on how meme game took turns.

Fans started to take notes of the eerie similarities between 1992 and 2019’s World Cup regarding Pakistan’s pattern of losing and wining. Within a day my Facebook feed was flooding with posts saying

‘Ye World Cup humara’


People linking the similarities in every way they could, however failing to realize cricket game is not merely about repeating past events in favor of a team. If this would have been the case, everyday would be the same as Sun rises and Moon sets in a similar pattern and anyone could have said ‘Oh the Moon also rose in the same manner as yesterday, hence this day will exactly be same like yesterday’s .’ But this is not the case, no one can stay dependent on past events.

Pakistan started performing well while beating New Zealand, from 6th ranking Pakistan was now on 4th and how could fans resist from making memes. The ‘men in green’ were proud, all hail to Babar Azam’s outstanding performance. Here is a link to one such meme which made me laugh.

During the very match a comparison was also broadcasted between Pakistan’s pattern of winning and losing in 1992 and 2019, well then the picture got clearer that fans were not only noticing but well  known commentators were also well aware of this spooky similarity. This too was turned into a hilarious meme.



Have you ever noticed Pakistan’s cricket fans supporting India? NO. But the entire nation was found hooting for India’s win when Pakistan’s access into Semi-Finals was dependent on their victory. I was shopping with my mother while I overheard a few shopkeepers talking

‘Dua kero India jeet jae achay margin se’

Well, this time I wasn’t shocked as we were depending on India for our ticket to semi final.  Right when India’s team was not only being supported by their country but by the neighboring country too, Indian players ‘intentionally lost the match’ as said by many Pakistani cricket fans. Batsmen were seen brisk walking on the pitch while making singles and no doubt their actions were clear. Relying on a rival for a gesture which could get Pakistani team into semis was not a good option. India lost and meme generators were active again (Well.. they are never inactive)



This meme showing M.S Dhoni holding a banner saying

‘Apna game khud jeeto’

It might be funny for some and thought to provoke for many. If Pakistani players performed well in past matches then waiting for India’s win would not have been a matter of concern for Pakistani fans.

One must understand, Pakistan getting into Finals should not be reliant on India’s performance or the past performances in 1992. In 1992 Imran Khan was the captain whereas in 2019 Sarfaraz Ahmed is the captain. Khan married thrice doesn’t mean that Ahmed would too similarly pattern of winning or losing could have been noticed till generating memes but not for a country’s winning or losing probability.

Game is all about losing and winning, I have said this before and I will say it again

‘Tum jeeto ya haaro suno, humein tumse pyar hai’

Long way to go green shirts, I will support you but I would also like to add the fact that if Pakistan’s run rate was maintained at a better number, we might have been a part of Semis Or Finals as players and not as audience.





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