Covid-19 Booster Shot

Covid-19 booster shot has been made mandatory to the people travelling abroad. The price of a booster shot has been fixed to be 1270 rupees by the ministry of national health services.


Booster shots will only be available to public at selected vaccination centers when said amount is paid.

Delta variant patients:

A study indicated that the patients affected with delta variant of Corona virus are twice as likely to need hospital care. Experts have advised that in order to reduce the risk of hospitalization when affected by virus, get two jabs of the vaccine done.

Covid-19 recoveries:

Over the past 24 hours, 3848 patients have recovered from Corona virus in Pakistan according to the government’s portal for tracking the spread of disease. In total, 1,029,930 people have recovered from Corona virus in Pakistan, making the recovery rate 89.7 percent.

Moderna vaccine:

According to Reuters, two people died in Japan after getting shots of suspended Moderna vaccine.

Origin of Corona Virus:

There is lack of agreement on the origin of Corona virus among the US intelligence agencies. However, in accordance with the results of review ordered by President Joe Biden, there is a belief that China’s leaders did not know about the virus before the start of global pandemic.

In accordance with the unclassified summary, four members of U.S. intelligence community expressed with low confidence that virus got transmitted form animals to humans. A fifth intelligence agency is of the view that first human infection was linked to a lab. However, analyst did not express their belief in the wide spread saying that virus was developed as bioweapon and was genetically engineered.

Corona virus and Sindh: 

Over the last 24 hours, Sindh has reported 37 deaths from Corona virus and 1217 more cases of Corona virus. The death toll of the province from Covid-19 has risen to 6803. In the last 24 hours, 18,817 tests were carried out and it’s reported that 1528 people have recovered from the virus.


Minal Khan and Ahsan MohsinIkram:

The famous couple of Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin got formally engaged in June and their baatpakki was done in May. Now, the news of their marriage date being fixed is making rounds on internet. However, fans do not know that how many events apart from wedding ceremony will take place, especially when the Corona virus is raging. The couple took social media to announce their wedding date to be 10th of September. Additionally, all of the announcement was done in a romantic way.

“We’re gettingggggg married!!!” Ikram captioned his post. “Minal Khan I will love you forever and ever and ever and ever till my last breath.”

Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan:                                         

US lawmakers recognize the vitality of Pakistan’s role for attaining a sustainable solution in Afghanistan. Lindsey Graham, US senator, issued a statement on Friday acknowledging the fact that in order to attain a sustainable solution to the conflict in Afghanistan, Pakistan must play its role.

These remarks were given after a discussion on the region with Pakistan’s ambassador to the US AsadMajeed Khan. The US senator recognized the situation in Afghanistan as being very complicated and dangerous.



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