Do We Care?

It is a good sign that cases of COVID are reducing in Pakistan. Work on vaccines worldwide regarding the same is progressing. Are we virus free yet? It may hardly be said so. With a number of cases rising throughout the developed countries once again we should rather be extra careful during the course of our lives. To make it simple we are not even prepared fully for another wave of the epidemic. With restrictions relaxed and now that we can move around having life back to its normal self, instead of taking it for granted, we should be careful as not be stricken by the stoppage in the flow of life and being confined once again to our homes. Nobody would want that. Nobody all over the world seems to be wanting the confinement any longer. They are working towards staying safe avoiding a relapse of the situation which took its toll over the last several months. Are we doing the same? The answer is we have conveniently forgotten what it was like when the lockdowns were at their peak. Taking care now is far better than once again being subjected to the situation that was earlier. Surely, we wouldn’t want the same occurring over again. We have gone back to normalcy like the epidemic never happened and given up most of our preventive measures altogether – discarding every shred of virus prevention and the norms of social distancing. Not that the distancing makes the virus less effective but it is a preventive measure. A measure which only makes sure that there aren’t crowds huge enough to spread the virus, preventing further cases.


Here we should take a lesson in dealing with adverse situations we are faced with, from the developed countries which have seen the ups and downs of life far more than we have. We haven’t seen the adversities that they have. They have seen the worst of them and therefore take similar situations very seriously. It is not that they were born the way we see them today. It took them a lot of effort and facing calamities that taught them how to deal with problematic conditions once they arose. COVID was such a condition. It still looms large. All the more reason to be careful.

As far as we are concerned in Pakistan, it has become our national psyche to take things lying down. But then we cannot say it for everyone and bring all souls under the same umbrella. Where we see a lot of disorganisation amongst the common masses we also see a large number sticking firmly to the SOP’s. SOP’s may slightly sound as being overly careful but on the whole they help. True it seems that the virus may have taken a backseat and with vaccines on their way, all seems well. We think, let’s just forget all SOP’s and carry on with life as if COVID never struck. It won’t help. It may on the other hand make us more susceptible while we unknowingly carry it.  If there is a precaution to prevent any spread of the virus it should be observed, not only for ourselves but for the elders and ones with a weak immune system that live with us and also for our own benefit. All said, we nevertheless, should not forget what time teaches us. We learnt a lot during the course of COVID while it actively lasted and should consider it a blessing that the rate of its spreading in Pakistan is not as much as in other countries. All the more reason to take care. As they say, prevention is better than cure.



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Junior - Taleem Aam Karaingay - Juniors ko Parhaingay