Parveen Shakir

The 69th birth anniversary of renowned poetess Parveen Shakir is being celebrated today.


Parveen Shakir was born on November 24, 1952 in Karachi. Parveen Shakir started writing at an early age and published her first volume of poetry, Khushbu (Fragrance), in 1976.

Her famous poetry books include “Khushbu”, Mah-e-Tamam “Sad-Barg “, Khud”kalaami” and Inkar.

“Khushbu” gave her a dream start and then her road to success never stopped. She employed mainly two forms of poetry in her work Gazal and Free verses. Her poetry is a subtle and beautiful combination of classical traditions and modern sensitivity.


“Aks-e khushbu hun bikharne se na roke koi,

aur bikhar jaaun toh mujh ko na samete koi”

Spontaneity in expression was the hallmark of her poetry that mesmerized the young lot especially girls.


Parveen played greater role in depiction of romanticism in her poetic work. She portrayed the issues related to the women. She was a self-made woman and adopted purely eastern style in her poems.


“Mujhe har kaifiyat mein kyon na samjhe,

 woh mere sab hawaale jaanta hai”


Her prominent work is based on feminism, romanticism and social stigmas. It won’t be wrong if we say that she was the first woman poet, who used the word ‘larki’ in her writings in a man dominated Urdu poetry. Her poetry is a reflection of feminine perspective on love, romance, aloofness, separation and intimacy.


“Woh jab aayega toh phir uss ki rafaqat ke liye,

Mausam-e gul mere aangan mein thehar jayega”


Parveen not only expressed her feelings but also of working women.


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