Garbage and unhygienic conditions in Karachi

I want to gather the attention of the concerned authorities and the public towards the issue of garbage and unhygienic conditions in Karachi. It is high time to take the responsibility to make our society healthy, for which it is very important to keep our environment clean.

I have been observing thoroughly that the garbage and waste are dumped on the streets, and there are piles of rubbish everywhere increasing day by day in our surroundings which is a serious issue. There is no proper system working to resolve this issue, but just temporary. As we know, the Islamic religious faith also quotes that the ‘Cleanliness is half the battle.’
I am not here to blame anyone, Making the society neat and clean needs the efforts of both locals and the authorities to work together to get the solution of the issue and to get rid of the piles of waste and rubbish, for that we need to take the initiative to get a permanent solution for such rapidly growing disaster, which is increasing the pollution and the risks of illness. These huge piles of garbage spread diseases, especially eyes and skin infections.

We can see facts and figures which are harming our environment. As we can see, we dump hundreds of tons of garbage annually, and that is not it. Eventually, the ratio is increasing on an annual basis by about 2% to 3% every year. That harms the living beings, whether they are water creatures or the flying ones of even human beings. And this is pretty obvious that health is a great blessing and for that , This needs to be stopped, and for that, we have to take strict measures.

Authorities should make the garbage collection points, where the locals should through their garbage, and the locals must be given the awareness of the types of the wastes, which is recyclable and which one cannot be recycled. And they should pick up the trash separately to make sure it doesn’t mix up and make a huge mess because of its recycling and non-recycling nature.

by : Areeba Noor.

Arrange and compile by : Umber Hussain syed 


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