Germany limits public gatherings on unvaccinated people


Germany will tighten COVID-19 measures across the country for unvaccinated people as hospitals become full of COVID patients, Reuters reports.

Why it matters: The move to limit large gatherings and other restrictions comes as public officials around the world are imposing COVID measures on the unvaccinated amid rising new cases.

The big picture: Chancellor Angela Merkel said Thursday the move to enforce COVID restrictions is necessary to tackle a “very worrying” fourth wave of the pandemic, per Reuters.

Access to public, cultural, sports events and restaurants will be restricted to people who have been vaccinated or who have recovered in places where hospitalization rates exceed a certain threshold.

The German government will also consider a request by regional governments for legislation to require care and hospital workers to be vaccinated, Merkel said.

“Many of the measures that are now needed would not have been needed if more people were vaccinated. And it isn’t too late to get vaccinated now,” Merkel said.

The Munich Christkindlmarkt, one of Germany’s oldest and biggest Christmas markets, was canceled Wednesday for a second year due to surging cases in the country, per the New York Times.

Of note: Austria’s government said Thursday that a full lockdown may be needed as its COVID infections are rising despite the current lockdown for unvaccinated, Reuters reports.

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