Islamic calligraphy art pieces attract visitors at Lok Mela

Lok Mela calligraphy

A collection of Islamic calligraphy art pieces was put on display here at Punjab Pavilion of week-long Lok Mela by renowned artist Muhammad Azeem Iqbal.


The display primarily focussed on the messages of peace and harmony through Quranic verses and letters. Azeem Iqbal uses various mediums like leather, stone, wood, bamboo, gold, bronze, copper, and hand-crafted paper blended with Aabe Zamzam to create beautiful pieces.

Azeem Iqbal is a self-taught artist and gets his inspiration from nature with the belief that calligraphy is a field of love and devotion.

The display captures the golden period of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to different eras of Islamic civilizations and the present century.

Azeem Iqbal said that Islamic Calligraphy has strong components of communicative vehicles in the shape of its words in all the known languages of the world, which is governed by strict rules.

“My creativity portrays divine rhythmic beauty and exaltation in the spiritual domain”, he said. He said that he introduced a unique and new dimensional style in the Islamic Calligraphy covering the golden era of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to the present century.

His artwork was already displayed at Pakistan Monument Museum, Lok Virsa, National Book Foundation, etc.

Art enthusiasts in Islamabad can visit the “display of traditional Calligraphy” at Lok Mela, to view the works of artist Azeem Iqbal, on display till November 7.


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