Israel continues inhuman airstrikes against Palestinians in Gaza

In complete disregard to international appeals for ceasefire, the Israeli forces are continuing barbaric and inhuman airstrikes against unarmed Palestinians in Gaza and other areas.

Israeli planes renewed airstrikes in Gaza early this morning and destroyed a mosque.

Palestinian medics said at least 12 people were martyred in overnight in air strikes throughout Gaza.

Ten members of the same family were martyred early this morning in an Israeli air strike on the western Gaza Strip.

According to Medics, eight children and two women were martyred in the three-story building in Shati refugee camp.

At least 139 Palestinians including 40 children and women have so far been martyred and hundreds injured since Monday.

Ahead of a session of the U.N. Security Council tomorrow to discuss the situation, Biden administration envoy Hady Amr arrived in Tel Aviv to discuss ceasefire.

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