‘It’s scary’: Overdose deaths driven by fentanyl mixed with other drugs


The spike of drug overdose deaths this year and last year has many drug abuse and addiction researchers, doctors and health officials worried about a growing trend among overdose victims that appears to indicate a new and different wave of the opioid epidemic.

According to Research  While the loneliness and the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic appear to have driven drug use, many experts say the latest overdose wave is driven in part by the use of fentanyl with other drugs.

Overdose deaths hit new heights in the U.S. — over 100,000 dead this year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — but experts say it’s part of a fourth wave of the overdose epidemic, in which a growing number of drug users die with multiple substances in their systems.

Behind that 100,000 figure, they said, is an ongoing surge in the number of cocaine, methamphetamine and other drug deaths that are connected to the simultaneous use of fentanyl.

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