Khan Brings SAARC to Forefront

Prime Minister of Pakistan gave a special message on the occasion of the 36th Charter Day of SAARC. Prime Minister, Khan says it is the need of the hour that the region moves forward with the spirit of co-operation that was vital in the formation of SAARC, while also hoping that the SAARC Process would be allowed to move ahead without artificial hurdles and obstacles thwarting its progress.
And it is and would be enabled to function as an effective body of regional cooperation.


The message was released by the Foreign Office in which he felicitated the governments and the populace of the member states of (SAARC) South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation to commemorate the 36th SAARC Charter Day.

It is no secret that our neighbouring country, India, has stalled the SAARC conventions by boycotting the annual summit to be hosted by Pakistan at Islamabad since some years now. Since then no SAARC summit could be held though lately virtual meetings have been possible keeping the pandemic in mind, implied the PM.

Prime Minister, Khan also said, “It is unfortunate that due to delayed and unresolved disputes amongst the member states, SAARC countries have been unable to take advantage of Pakistan’s potential as a melting pot for constructive economic interest and consequently the region has not been able to achieve the desired objectives.” He also related that his government’s vision for Pakistan is to leverage its location to act as a trade and transit hub to benefit the people of region and beyond.

Pakistan, being a founding member of SAARC, attaches great importance to the organization’s success and reaffirms its commitment to the objectives and purposes of its charter. Pakistan firmly believes that SAARC embodies the hope that the challenges faced by the region can be overcome through regional cooperation, similar to various other regional co-operation bodies.

“It is only through adhering to the principles of sovereign equality and mutual respect among member states that we would be able to utilise the true potential of Saarc and achieve our cherished goal of a prosperous and developed South Asia,” said the prime minister.

“The onset of the pandemic has further underscored the importance of poverty alleviation for the national governments in a region that is home to one of the world’s largest poor populations and remains one of the least integrated globally. Now is the time to come forward to pool our resources, rather than looking inwards, for providing a better future to the vulnerable segments of our societies through the platform provided by Saarc,”Khan also verified that COVID-19 is a serious reminder to all that we need to work together and cooperate on issues of common interest more than ever.


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