Of Military and Politician Meetings

Whenever there are meetings of the Heads of Forces with some prominent politicians in Pakistan It is a sign to be reckoned with. As a norm the military forces’ leaders do not take out time to meet everyone. There have been times when the leaders of the Pakistan military forces have refused meetings constantly with politicians. This is because of reasons which holds far more importance then we know. A very simple method of knowing what is in the offing is to observe where the military forces security patrols and personnel are posted on a regular basis. It is no rocket science. It is matter of simple observation.

This is not even a new observance in a Third World Country. But then, why shall we just include Third World Countries in this phenomenon. This is a standard when there are important matters that may have to be discussed as the forces themselves know well of the lobbying and the lobbyist firms operating all over the world for various political parties and in some cases even on a private level.  Whichever country boasts of a very strong military, has always onboard some of their elements to certain effect. These are present because they keep the second line of law and order backed up. Keep in mind though, that if you have the COAS from either Sandhurst or any Imperial Military College is more or less of import till after the term is fulfilled. This is because once at the level of international politics within the country, the sole aim and objectives turn to patriotic reasons. This is what has been mostly observed during the past years and since the emergence of Pakistan on the World Map.

When the COAS holds a meeting with any party, be it the ruling or the opposition it goes a long way. It is never just a courtesy call unless it is the demise of a notable. In all of the rest of the cases there is a meaning to the meetings  transpiring between the two. As an example, the guests at the Flagstaff House and then some are always to be reckoned with. This is no new knowledge.

The first reason is that when the IMF or World Bank call to the governments for returning of the loans. These are tricky matters. As there is a lot of funding involved in the election campaigning as well. A lot has been said and written about it. Coming back to from where we began i.e. we started from the beginning, recently the COAS had a few meetings with the non ruling politicians. Is that supposed to mean anything? It may seem very casual but who studies the body language.

While the meeting lasts, the side the politician is sitting and the hand from that side covers the other one it means simply the acceptance of the dialogue that during the course of that meeting . Second, the placing of the bottles of water and water consumption from the glasses. If the bottle is bearing its place on the table next to the person holding the meeting it means an acceptance for the female gender as more or less an equal and the glass if a tumbler says a man. It has been observed that gentlemen of both the forces and the bureaucracy never place the drinking bottle in the feet. Which in turn is a sign of an over dominant nature and a sign that the dialogue coming in from the participant is not acceptable. the list goes on.

However, let’s wait and see what surfaces as the COAS processed meetings with the opposition parties and what comes out of them. It may be significant or it may not be. Nevertheless, if the WB and IMF takes their money-dishing-out into further account then there may be a definitive meaning to all of it.We shall soon be providing our much valued readers and views with a full guide to body language and what the object placing may mean at a place of meeting.


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