Contempt Case: Supreme Court gives Daniyal Aziz 10 days to arrange lawyer

ISLAMABAD: On Wednesday Supreme Court of Pakistan has given Daniyal Aziz 10 days to arrange his counsel to defend himself in the contempt case.

Daniyal Aziz facing contempt charges along with his other party fellow Tallal Chaudhry both belonging from Pakistan Muslim League(Nawaz) appeared before the Supreme Court, today.

Aziz had been issued a notice for contempt of court for an “anti-judiciary” speech made by him. The notice did not specify which speech had prompted the action.

The PML-N leader on Wednesday informed the court that he was unaware of why he had been summoned, at which Justice Azmat Saeed responded that nothing inappropriate will happen in the case and all details will soon come forward.

The hearing adjourned until 19 February, 2018.

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