Pakistani convicted murderer takes top school score, wins scholarship

A Pakistani inmate serving a life sentence for murder in an overcrowded Karachi prison has won a scholarship for further study after taking one of the highest scores in the city's higher secondary school exams last year. According  to Reuters Syed Naeem Shah, 35, scored the highest in the general high school exams among private candidates - that is, among...

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Shab-e-Barat to be observed tonight

Shab-e-Bara't will be observed tonight to seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty. On this night, Muslims offer special prayers for the security and prosperity of Ummah. Chairman Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad in a statement has appealed the people to seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty on Shab-e-Barat as the Coronavirus pandemic seems to be spreading far and wide. He...

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International Day of Happiness being observed on Saturday

International Day of Happiness is being observed on Saturday. The purpose of the day is to recognize the relevance of happiness in the lives of human beings around the world. According to the World Happiness Report 2021 Finland is ranked as the happiest country in the world.

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Shab-e-Miraj being observed tonight with great religious zeal

Shab-e-Miraj, the Night of Ascent, to be observed across the country tonight with great religious zeal. Night of 27th of Rajab is observed as Shab-e-Miraj to mark the Isra (journey) and Miraj (ascension) of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) who was taken on a special journey to meet Allah Almighty, crossing seven skies on the heavenly animal named ‘al-Buraq.

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Punjab Govt launching Rehmat-ullil-Aalamin (PBUH) Scholarship Program for students

Punjab Government is launching Rehmat-ullil-Aalamin (Hazrat Muhammad Rasool Allah Khatimnabiyyin Sallallaho Alahe Wa Aalayhi Wa Ashabehi Wassalam) Scholarship Program for deserving bright students in the province today (Monday). In a statement, the Chief Minister Usman Buzdar said that a fund of one billion rupees has been allocated for this Program, which is a revolutionary measure to assist deserving students. He...

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Swinging The Way Around in USA Politics

Not to be confused with the Republicans, typical Democrats, the likes we have seen before getting false hopes to former PM Benazir Bhutto and getting her assassinated on Condo Rice’s call of affirmation that she would be in safe hands even if she made a speech out of the car which, Rehman Malik, Her adviser, strongly opposed of. The ensuing...

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Of Politics and Mice

(You must have read Blogs and Opinions that are more serious than seriousness itself and full of rhetoric and then what not and then some. We from NewsOne bring you a new series of blogs where the vein is light yet the subject is serious and leave the resulting conclusion to your mind. Good reading).   It has been witnessed...

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LHC Abolishes Virginity Tests For Rape Victims

WebDesk: The Lahore High Court on Monday abolished virginity tests for examination of sexual assault survivors and declared it "illegal and against the Constitution". A single bench led by Justice Ayesha A Malik announced the judgment in a set of petitions filed in March and June 2020 by rights activists and a PML-N lawmaker. The 30-page verdict observed that the...

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Qatar Unveils New FIFA2022 World Cup Stadium

With the FIFA World Cup 2022 on its way, preparations to host the matches have been made final making Qatar Stadium a fit choice for the World Cup for the Championships. Qatar inaugurated the fourth of eight 2022 World Cup venues, the Al Rayyan Stadium, when the country hosted the Amir Cup final between Al-Sadd and Al-Arabi. Al-Sadd, coached by...

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Oil Prices Rise with COVID Vaccine

  Web Desk: Ayaz Malik, London reports that oil prices rose today with news about Covid-19 vaccines lifted investor hopes for a recovery in fuel demand and outweighed concerns sparked by figures indicating US oil inventories jumped last week. US West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude climbed $0.22, or 0.5%, to $45.82. The due USA Brent rose approximate of $0.27, or 0.6%, to...

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Speaking at a White House coronavirus vaccine summit just 14 hours ago, President Trump praised his administration for fast-tracking vaccines and criticized those who he said had doubted his ability to oversee a vaccine production. (This pertains to the vaccine being produced and administered within a certain period of time of which both President Trump and Prime Minister of UK...

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Trump Sec of State Talks About Troops Withdrawal

USSecretary of State, Mike Pompeo elaborated President Trump’s plan in reducing the number of troops deployed in Afghanistan to 2,500 by mid-January giving a rationale on the subject, saying that the mission is, getting American troops out of “harm’s way” in Afghanistan. (is the mission set) as quoted by Pompeo. “President Trump has been very very clear we’re going to...

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Football Legend Maradona’s Quotes On his Passing Away

Argentina football legend Diego Maradona said his hero, late Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro - whom he considered a “second father” and whose face he had tattooed on his leg - once urged him to go into politics. Maradona, who died on Wednesday aged 60, never fulfilled those aspirations but he did play a role in championing leftist leaders across...

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Pakistan Team Reaches New Zealand

The Pakistan cricket team has reached New Zealand, for three T20 and two Test Matches, play- offs on their visit. The squad comprising 54 players in all, is sorted into four groups which will go into a 14 day quarantine period according to NewsOne. With Babar Zaman as the skipper the matches will be played on 18, 20, and 22nd...

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USA to Cut Down Level of Troops Deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq

United States President Donald Trump will sharply reduce the number of US forces in Afghanistan from 4,500 to 2,500 before he leaves office, the Pentagon has announced according to AlJazeera and other news agencies. The Pentagon also outlined a modest withdrawal of US forces in Iraq that will reduce troop levels from 3,000 to 2,500. Acting Secretary of Defense Chris...

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Stunning Change of Events in USA as Vote Recount Proceeds

One of the most viewed and followed elections world over were the USA’s fight of the titans where President Trump appeared unmoved after a few days of the results that had projected Joseph Biden as the President elect. However, the Republicans took to the streets in a human number show of power and their support for President Trump seeking a...

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The Dilly Dallying of TikTok

Web Desk, Washington - A United States judge said on Wednesday he was uncertain if he had a legal basis to bar the U.S. Commerce Department from imposing restrictions on video-sharing app TikTok after a Pennsylvania judge had already blocked the government’s plan on Friday according to reuters. Beijing-based ByteDance Ltd, the owner of TikTok, argues that the previous ruling...

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