Pakistani scientist Mubashir Husain Rehmani

Pakistani scientist again ranked among 1% top researchers in computer science

For the second year in a row, Pakistani scientist Mubashir Husain Rehmani has been named among the top 1% most influential researchers in computer science. Compiled by Clarivate Analytics, the ranking highlights researchers with significant influence in their chosen field through the publication of cited papers during the last decade. Mubashir Rehmani’s work focuses on wireless networks, blockchain, cognitive radio...

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US athlete Carl Lewis says aspiring Pakistani long jumper has ‘perfect mindset’

Multiple Olympic award-winning athlete Carl Lewis, on Monday lauded an aspiring Pakistani long jumper whose video went viral on social media after he jumped over 12 parked motorcycles. Lewis — who has nine gold and one silver Olympic medals, as well as 10 World Championships medals, to his name — tweeted about the young man, praising him for "his lack of fear". https://twitter.com/Carl_Lewis/status/1290266847451836418...

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Senior Waseb TV anchor MD Gull passes away

Senior Waseb TV anchor MD Gull passed away on Saturday in Karachi. Longtime associate of Waseb TV, Gull hosted famous show 'MD Gull De Naal'. His funeral prayers will be offered on Monday in Karachi.

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Pakistani artist pays tribute to George Floyd with truck art mural

The death of George Floyd, an African American, has set off protests against racism triggered and have inspired art around the world, from murals in Syria and Pakistan to graffiti in Nairobi. The May 25 incident, captured on video, prompted widespread protests across the United States and in other countries. The case was ruled a homicide by medical examiners, and...

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Famed Lyricist Shakeel Sohail passes away at 55

Songwriter Shakeel Sohail passed away last night. According to reports, the lyricist suffered a heart attack. He was 55. His nephew shared the tragic news. https://twitter.com/Shaloom_Sarfraz/status/1271120202349117440 Shakeel Sohail was known as one of the most sought after songwriters in the country; his work included tracks such as Superstar's 'Ghalat Fehmi' and Parwaaz Hai Junoon's 'Thaam Lo'. He penned quite a...

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‘Man-eater’: India sentences tiger to lifetime in captivity

Indian officials have sentenced a tiger blamed for killing three people to a life in captivity saying it was "too dangerous" to be allowed to roam free. The five-year-old male predator, also blamed for attacking cattle, had embarked on a trek more than 500 kilometres (310 miles) long from western Maharashtra state to central India's Betul district in Madhya Pradesh...

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J.K. Rowling lifted sprits of disappointed Pakistani kid by layering acclaim on her art

British author of the famed Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling made the day of 10-year-old Leila from Pakistan after showering praises on her art inspired by her new book The Ickabog. The vibrant drawing by ‘bummed out’ Leila was brought under the writer’s notice by her mother with the help of her friend. The two took to Twitter with Leila’s art...

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British-Pakistani woman becomes first hijab-wearing deputy district judge in the UK

LONDON: British-Pakistani Raffia Arshad has become the first ever, hijab-wearing deputy district judge in the United Kingdom, marking a feat, given that there are hardly any hijab-wearing judges in the entire western world. After gaining her law degree from Oxford Brookes University, Arshad worked as a barrister at a firm specialisng in family law. She has also written a book...

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Pop queen Nazia Hassan’s father Basir Hassan passes away in Karachi, says Zohaib

Late Pakistani pop singer Nazia Hassan’s father Basir Hassan passed away in Karachi, his son Zoheb Hassan has confirmed. Zoheb turned to Facebook and shared a childhood photo with his father and wrote a farewell note, “Goodbye my hero, my friend and the wind beneath my wings. Farewell until we meet again.. your son, Zoheb". Currently, Zoheb is in London...

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No one bought a car in Pakistan for a whole month in a first, says PAMA

The Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) has published the information relating to the production and sales of the automotive industry for the month of April and they make for shocking reading. Not a single vehicle was produced or sold in the month of April, according to one official at PAMA “I have never witnessed zero production and sales in auto...

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Social media influencer who licked toilet seat for COVID-19 challenge says she is positive

Ava Louise, the social media influencer who licked a toilet seat in an airplane to start a “Coronavirus Challenge,” says she has Covid-19. Louise shared the infamous video of her licking the toilet seat of an airplane in March, and it has garnered millions of views on social media. Here is the video: https://twitter.com/realavalouiise/status/1238915362470625292 During an interview with the Australian radio show The Kyle and...

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Talent needs no introduction: Let us pay tribute to unsung artist fraternity of Pakistan

By Syed Tazmeen Javed In a world where there is just a mere claim to respect the "seniors and accept the Juniors" and no more practical support to endorse the junior,  I thought that it is imperative to introduce few emerging talents who are not credited enough on their achievements. The time has, therefore, come to present before the world...

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Twitter user recalls accidentally ‘getting married’ to Priyanka Chopra prior to Nick Jonas

Global icon Priyanka Chopra’s fans were left startled following a confession by a Twitter user alleging that he had been 'accidentally' married to Priyanka Chopra before Nick Jonas. The social media user was responding to a tweet by Chrissy Teigen asking people their experiences on finding temporary fame. “Have you ever been famous but for like 1 minute? a talking...

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LUMS founder Syed Babar Ali becomes member of American Academy of Arts and Sciences

LAHORE: Renowned Pakistani businessman, philanthropist and educationist Syed Babar Ali has been elected as a member of the American Academy of Art and Sciences in recognition of his efforts for creating Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS). After Dr Abdus Salam, Syed Babar Ali becomes the second Pakistani to earn this honour. The American Academy of Arts and Sciences is...

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British PM Boris Johnson becomes father again

LONDON: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s fiancee, Carrie Symonds, has given birth to a baby boy, PA Media reported. Both mother and child are doing well. Johnson, 55, became the most high-profile world leader to contract COVID-19 one month ago. He spent a week in hospital, including three nights in intensive care, admitting in a video message after he was...

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Tom and Jerry, Popeye director Gene Deitch passes away at 95

The American Oscar-winning illustrator, animator, producer, and director, Gene Deitch, dies at the age of 95. The death was unexpected in his apartment in Prague. His film Munro won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 1960 and was nominated for the same award in 1964 for his two films, ‘Here’s Nudnik’ and ‘How to Avoid Friendship.’ Deitch...

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A Ghost on lockdown patrol in Malaysia amid coronavirus scare

A ghostly figure with wild hair and a flowing beard is haunting a small Malaysian community in a bid to ensure superstitious residents stay home during the country's coronavirus lockdown. It is not a genuine spirit but local man Muhammad Urabil Alias, who has taken to dressing up in a white robe and mask and going on regular night-time patrols....

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