Street begging is a widespread menace in our society

Street begging is a widespread menace in our society. I’d like to use your revered newspaper to bring the evil of street begging to the attention of the general public and concerned officials.

Beggars can be found all around us. Whether it be a traffic signal, a hospital or a train station, beggars are making their day by targeting innocent people.
The number of beggars has risen in all areas of the city these days. There are beggars on every street and bazaar. Even young, fit men can be viewed as beggars who should do more work than begging.

Some beggars are also engaged in illegal activities. They rob from people’s houses, stores, and workplaces. They have also been found to be active in child lifting . Female beggars enter houses and rob people in various ways. They know how to take advantage of a situation. They use various methods to capture their victims. They appeal to the people’s sympathies. In our country, this practice has developed itself as an industry. Child lifter gangs cut off the lifted children’s limbs and force them to beg.

Begging is a heinous act. It must be discouraged. When we offer alms to beggars, we are promoting this act. The more we foster this evil, the more beggars there will be. The only way to bring an end to this evil is to avoid paying attention to them. If everybody gets on board, this trend will undoubtedly come to an end. Furthermore, Zakat must be offered to those who are genuinely in need. The government should clamp down on this social sin with iron fists, and the people should unite with the authorities to put an end to this evil activity.

Written by :  Areeba Noor

Arrange and compile by : Umber Hussain syed 



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