Sugar Report: Govt Initiates Inquiries Against 156 Officials Of Food Department

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Accountability Shahzad Akbar said that report of the Sugar Commission was made public as per the promise of Imran Khan.


According to details, while addressing a news conference in Islamabad on Friday, Shahzad Akbar said that action is being taken against 156 people of the food department.

He revealed that about 60 to 70 government officials are directly involved with the mills, wheat was provided to 667 flour mills under government subsidy.

He said No commission has been made public before the Sugar Commission.

While referring to the stay order on the implementation of the sugar commission report by Sindh High Court, Shahzad Akbar said that after hearing the government’s stance, the Top court dismissed the restraining order. He said that Many measures were also recommended on the flour crisis. In the 2018 Ramadan package, wheat was released to the mills at the wheat subsidy rate. Out of 667, 149 flour mills were found involved in wheat theft.

Shahzad Akbar said that The theft of mills caused a loss of about Rs. 25 crores, out of which Anti-Corruption Punjab has deposited Rs. 19 crore in the treasury. Following the report of the Sugar Commission, each institution will take action under its own law, said Akbar.

Earlier The Supreme Court of Pakistan allowed the government to take action against the sugar mills. Apex Court has halted the implementation of the stay order of Sindh High Court.


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