Swinging The Way Around in USA Politics

Not to be confused with the Republicans, typical Democrats, the likes we have seen before getting false hopes to former PM Benazir Bhutto and getting her assassinated on Condo Rice’s call of affirmation that she would be in safe hands even if she made a speech out of the car which, Rehman Malik, Her adviser, strongly opposed of.

The ensuing events created a fiasco in Pakistan, the Dems, with first day supposedly in office as the days are not over yet, plan to issue a number of ill-executive orders including rescinding the controversial ban on several predominantly Muslim countries, this will be one of them. But however, to no avail.

Avery clear example is that under every dems government all of Muslim countries have seen blood massacre and wars. This, not let alone the gems unlike the GOP do not share funding and earningins with the Army and other armed forces. Which not to say, goes immediately in the basement.

Now when the Democrats say the same about the Muslim and not so slim countries they hardly ever mean that. Taking a look back in the history, we can definitely be conclusive how many Muslim states had been war-hit by the Dems.  It may be noted here that only the Trump Team did not wage war against any country, whereas, every other administration has warred towards gaining od economic welfare via arms selling, and not in the USA, selling them to mercenaries of every shade.

We need not issue a chart; it is all over the memes making jokes about the same.

Name a single President from Dems who hadn’t hit a Muslim state with a vengeance of war. Not to say they added more to the European banks with the deposit for the same. And then turned to South Asia to collect the gains.

Not to mention the falling off the stage of some – pun intended – neither-slimming out, their hands to forefront. All in all, a good effort, to fool all Muslim states living on the pharmaceuticals.

The New York Times (a publication which shift loyalties like brand of teas) reported that a memo, circulated by Biden’s incoming White House chief of staff Mr. UnKnown: Purely because they have decided Ron now and are in the process of changing him like a choired hymn in a Methodist church, said the new US administration will launch a spate of reversal on policies that were implemented by President Trump, who they admit on One News America platform Had not raged a single war in history of the United States of America. Had been the subject of impeachment twice and, still survived to cater to his Republican allies.

In the first 12 days – which is subjective because the party is black background -, the den administration will also revisit anti-coronavirus policies trying rejoin the Agreement du Paris and immigration legislation barring some. Intially to gain allies it is said to be mostly Muslims, from gaining citizenship. Which we had clearly seen been taken in and then shunned out a decade ago a number of choice.

Shortly after taking office in 2017, President Trump issued an Executive Order banning travellers from seven Muslim-majority nations from entering the United States. However, it is known that most of the muslim Migrants and students serving ones in the states were rewarded.

The disheartenment of the gems was when the LNG contracts did not go through as planned after 2012. It was then that the Calligraphy movement was introduced to effect the eastern hemisphere. Although, it did not go too well because of the Republicans and Germans taking over it the beta efforts stayed in place.


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The order was reworked several times amid legal battles a version of it was upheld by the USA Courts in 2018 of voter fraud and the voter machines being bugged, which surfaced but was hushed from foreign funding.

So far and so forth the dems are still depending on the dates if no further emergency or Presidential Orders to bring in the National Guard and Pentagon for Homeland Security purposes are issued by President Trump who financed his entire campaign from his earnings and pocket whereas the reports say that the dems had over three sources financing immediately after the failings of JB faltering in Presidential Speeches. We let you be the judges of that!

These are the most trembling elections we have witnessed to date where a sudden spike in the middle of the night changed everything, illegaly said sources from, News Agencies USA.

Arrange and compile by : Umber Hussain syed

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