Technology One Cannot Live Without

21stcentury is regarded as the age where science and artificial intelligence is advancing rapidly.


With the rapid advancement of science and artificial intelligence, new technology is being introduced to the humans. Thanks to the great minds. Their aims and goals have made the life of human beings lavish and easier. The major fruit that technology has given us is the connection that we share with people who are far away from us.

The year 1876 marks the invention of telephone. Before telephone, letters were sent to the relatives who lived out of the town and it took several days for the letters to reach the desired address and person. Furthermore, privacy of the letter was always at risk. With the invention of telephone, things became convenient and easier. The people at least had the surety that they communicated their message to the right person.

Later on, telephones if not fully, bur partially became replaced by cell phones that are handy and can be carried anywhere. Whichever place we go, no matter urban or rural, people are aware of cell phone and know its use. Cell phone has become the necessity of today’s life. Whether, there are office meetings, exchange of official information, communication with friends, attending online classes in this age of pandemic, cell phone plays a crucial part.

Year 1973 marks the invention of cell phone. Cell phone serves as our calendar, alarm clock, watch, television and what not. With new models of cell phone continuously being introduced in the market having advance features, new interest is invoked in the people to buy those cell phones through advertisements.

With advanced technology being introduced in the market every day, we are living in an age where we just not only use technology, we live technology. To elaborate, how many times do you find yourself using mobile phone excessively without any reason. Point to ponder upon is that we have become glued to the technology because technology has saved our time. But the question here is for what purpose has the technology saved our time and how do we use it.

With the advancement of technology we have become heavily dependent on it. Another technology that might be in the daily use of many people is laptop. Whether, children have to do the work of their school or adults have to do their office work, it is usually done on laptop. It is used on regular basis by university students and teachers to prepare slides, do homework, and prepare lessons respectively. In the offices, data regarding the meetings, regarding the business details, regarding the stock and shares of the company is saved in the laptop.

Telephones, cell phones, and laptops are among the various things that you may count as the bestowments of science and technology. In fact, our future success is directly proportional to our ability to understand, adopt, and integrate new technology into our work. Technology has made our lives easier in the hustle and bustle of daily life.

by: Habiba Sifat

Arrange and compile by : Umber Hussain syed 



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