TikTok Not Tocking Anymore in Pakistan

Technology, Pakistan bans TikTok

Within a month or so PTA authority has seemed to follow the steps taken by the USA government. It seems the latest application to be slammed shut is the world famous TikTok. Apparently, this is a huge blow to china’s youtuber/IGTV version of application. It is also a huge setback for a number of TikTokers who were freely using the application on regular basis, similar to the ones stated above.


The story may go deeper than it may seem on the surface. The mammoths that ‘igtv and YouTube’ are, would not want a foreign app to take over their market share. This is not the first time we are seeing something like this. Years ago Microsoft and Apple had made the same move on (third party apps). This was taken on further by the debacle of ‘myspace’ – the inspiration for Facebook (in the code of decency) and Facebook emerged trying to take myspace while Google to overtake Yahoo’s share of live videoplatforms. Not enough? A ban on Napster followed next because the available ‘mp3s’ on Napster were at that time giving Sony Music a very tough time making available the songs directly off from the newly released CD’s (Sony Corporation was a main contender in the USA’s entertainment business at that time holding shares in three of USA’s film and music production companies). What came next was the buyout of Whatsapp by Facebook and in recent years adding instagram to their digital showcase. This has been going on throughout the years where digital and social applications are concerned.

Sometimes, there are a few political reasons behind it as well that generate bans and limitations. This is largely dependant on the originality of the country of the application. For instance, when we look at the past, China had ‘steel curtained’ its electronic development from the Western world while flooding the internet with websites made on simple ‘html format’ making available hacks and cracks for the applications which were being developed in the Silicone part of the world but these websites contained viruses which gave rise to the sudden growth of anti-virus applications.

Pakistani’s used proxies and seperate servers to gain benefit from both. By the time they joined the world economy they had converted one operating system (MS Windows) and developed a few applications in their native language beginning with the meager WeChat. They furthered it by making those available in the English language as well which is the world standard for all intents and purposes. Since then the Western world has been head to head with Chinese applications.

This did not only remain to the applications but also went on where the famous Chinese phone manufacturer Huawei was concerned. Not to mention the iPhone suing Samsung for copying its UI and some applications.

The sublime clash of electronic titans carry on for either of these reasons and shall keep continuing as technology evolves.

With the recent ban on TikTok it is apparent that a buyout or merger is on the way because of the expanse of the application. Already, the app was restricted in some countries before its final ban. The question is whether China will be able to keep its application or would need to sell it out or form a merger sharing its content rights.

This is an outcome which shall take longer than we expect. The giants are already lined up for the takeover of the application. The result is anybody’s guess as will be seen.



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