The Race for Views on Youtube

The last few years saw an unparalleled rise in the YouTube channels. Primarily developed for the working community, YouTube channels furthered towards facilitating a host of newer entrants changing  the trend to a suggested viewership instead of the on demand that was YouTube’s main operation for a number of years since its inception. The trend caught on and ‘youtubers’ emerged. Now then, being a ‘youtuber’ means a plethora of things. The term is used for someone who regularly posts videos on the platform on their channel expecting views and comments from a certain community. This truly is a healthy exercise. Ranging from Celebrities, DIY’s to, Recipes to Video, Fashion, Lifestyle shows to dedicated Television and News channels which came along with their community posts with an organised stratagem to their approach. The race however, seemed to go a tad bit overboard when it, like Yahoo rooms and community videos from the past started a frenzy of views with broadcasting of every step that a ‘youtuber’ would make. So much so, that the over daring stepped in with life-threatening feats for views’ sake. This became even more interesting when the original life of a ‘youtuber’ differed completely from that which was portrayed on the tubers’ channel. this required a major personality change or rather a shift giving a dual sense of being to the latter. A lesson they should have learnt from the Yahoo rooms and video sharing back in the days.

Let’s take this in a lighter vein and here quote an example of the movie makers on YouTube offering small budget flicks. Quite a few movies are centered around how for the sake of views the lone youtuber get themselves into troubles of varying natures. These range from hilarious to horror flicks. The funny part is that those too are youtubers. The difference there between them is that there is a huge divide on YouTube amongst the single youtuber and a coordinated cannel presentation. These target one another often. Common sense says that a collective effort with proper community handling gets not just views but also the credibility that a lone tuber without a strategy would not. The lone youtuber has to (by habit or need for views, read as; the more the views the more the money they make) post every move of theirs come morning to past night. If possible some leave their cams on live while asleep only to see the views and comments brought during the course of their personal absence. Rather than anything else it is something of a comic nature. More like a process of growing up. But it has its adverse effects on the personality of the one subject to it.

There are lists and lists and names that go on, of both the strategised and sporadic youtubers. A problem that is faced nowadays is finding original material on YouTube with the emergence of the sporadic youtuber. That gave rise to dedicated movie and series, serials servers operating by themselves in a niche of their own (this came into being as Youtube was flexing for more capacity years ago).

The website concept takes an entire portal and shares the on demand videos of all genres all gathered in one place and these servers are interlinked to provide a seamless viewer experience. And they send out their promotionals on Youtube and similar video sharing platforms. The emergence of these websites back around 2008/2010 was limited to their countries of origin. At that time YouTube had streamlined and vamped up channels for the desired viewership.

With the passage of time the dedicated entertainment websites crossed the boundaries of their countries of origin and could be accessed almost all over the world. Do not think that there is a competition between a youtuber and these websites. They enjoy different audiences. All said and done what one is doing they carry on with it till either they grow out f it or expand it to a be something to be reckoned with.


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