Vladimir Putin

Russia terms US calls for anti-Putin sanctions as politically destructive

Russia has termed the United States calls for anti-Putin sanctions as politically destructive. Commenting on calls for freezing Russian President's assets, spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, Putin keeps money in the Rossiya Bank, which is already under sanctions. Earlier, the US President Joe Biden said that Russian President Putin would face sanctions if he invades Ukraine.

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Digital trends in 2022

Six big digital trends to watch in 2022

According to recent McKinsey research, 2021 was a year of transformation: people, corporations and society began to look ahead to influencing their futures rather than just surviving the present. According to to Reuters It was the year that premature hopes for herd immunity, an end to pandemic lockdowns, and a return to normality were dashed – at least for now....

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England National Health Service

U.K., With Surging Cases, Is on ‘War Footing’ Against Virus

England’s National Health Service “is now on a war footing,” one of its top medical officials warned on Thursday, saying its hospitals would erect field wards to help deal with the surge in coronavirus cases that has produced a steep rise in hospitalizations nationally. According to The New York Times  Health experts were bracing for more challenges in the coming...

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Washington Post denounces Indian govt’s silence over calls for genocide of Muslims

Prominent international daily the Washington Post has denounced the Indian government's silence over the calls for genocide of Muslims terming it an endorsement of the extremists' call. In an article, the paper wrote that Indian Prime Minister Modi claims to be a champion of free speech, rule of law and secular ethos but the world is seeing how he and...

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Ali Bagheri Kani

Iran notes ‘good progress’ on sanctions’ removal in Vienna talks

Iran says good progress has been made in lifting sanctions against it as a result of talks in Vienna. Ahead of a three day break in talks due to New Year's holiday, Iran's top nuclear negotiator Ali Bagheri Kani told newsmen in Vienna that the main focus of negotiations during the last few days remained on lifting sanctions.

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Joe Biden

Biden and Putin trade warnings over Ukraine, but vow diplomacy

President Joe Biden on Thursday warned his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin of a tough US response to any invasion of Ukraine, while the Kremlin leader said anti-Moscow sanctions would be a "colossal mistake." According to AFF After a 50-minute phone call -- their second in just over three weeks -- both presidents indicated support for further diplomacy on the tense...

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Elections to Watch in 2022

In the United States, where campaigns are temporally unbounded and election season seems constant, politicians and observers alike are already fixated on the 2022 midterm legislative elections, to be held in November of next year. And while the midterms can seriously endanger U.S. President Joe Biden’s agenda, particularly as he confronts record-low approval ratings and a democratic system on the...

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New Years Eve

US cities scale back New Year’s Eve events and urge people to scrap parties

Americans are again facing a stay-at-home New Year’s Eve as US political leaders and senior health advisers have urged people to scrap party plans and avoid larger public events as daily cases of Covid-19 break all previous records. According  to British daily newspaper Guardian In New York, attendance at the Times Square celebration known as the Ball Drop – in...

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WHO Chief warns Omicron, Delta forming ‘tsunami’ of COVID cases

The head of the World Health Organization has warned that the Omicron and Delta Coronavirus variants could produce a tsunami of COVID-19 cases that will put immense pressure on healthcare systems. Addressing an online news conference, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom said that Omicron is highly transmittable variant of Coronavirus. DG WHO said that 92 of the WHO's 194 member countries...

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“India Out” campaign in Maldives gains momentum to oust military personnel

The “India Out” campaign in the Maldives is gaining momentum with every passing day with the protestors demanding the expulsion of the Indian military from the country, fearing the compromise of sovereignty. Thousands of people have marched on the streets of capital Malé city calling for the removal of Indian military personnel from the Maldives. The protest demonstrations intensified about...

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Antonio Guterres

Commit to making 2022 a year of recovery for everyone: UN chief

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has, in his message for the New Year, urged that the world to commit to making 2022 as a year of recovery for everyone. According  to  APP “The world welcomes 2022 with our hopes for the future being tested by deepening poverty and worsening inequality…an unequal distribution of COVID vaccines…climate commitments that fall short, and by...

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Syrian port

Israel hits Syrian port for second time this month

Israel has launched another air strike on Syria's main port of Latakia, setting ablaze the container storage area. It is the second such attack on Syria this month. Syrian state news agency SANA quoted the head of the Latakia fire brigade as saying that the containers targeted in the strike contained oils and spare parts for machines and cars.

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OIC expert group mulls over Programme of Action

A meeting of the inter-governmental group of experts of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation was held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, which considered the draft document of the mid-term review of the OIC-2025 programme of action. The meeting was informed that a remarkable progress has been made in implementing the OIC-2025 programme of action in several priority areas, including intra-OIC trade,...

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100 Houthis killed in heavy fighting around Yemen’s Marib city

In Yemen, at least 100 Houthis were killed in heavy fighting with government forces outside central city of Marib in the past day. Backed by massive air support from Arab coalition warplanes, Yemeni government troops and tribal fighters carried out counterattacks on Houthi positions south of Marib to push back the militia from strategic locations. Meanwhile, Yemeni army seized control...

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Bird Flu

Massive New Bird Flu Outbreak Could Be 2022’s Deadly Pandemic

Israel’s National Security Council has assumed control of a massive bird flu outbreak in the Galilee, which scientists warn could become a “mass disaster” for humans. According  to  Yahoo  news Over half a billion migrating birds pass through the area every year, heading for warm African winters or balmy European summers, making this a catastrophic location for a major bird...

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Nobel Prize-winning anti-apartheid hero Desmond Tutu dies aged 90

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and veteran of South Africa's struggle against white minority rule, died on Sunday at the age of 90. According to Reuters In 1984, Tutu won the Nobel Peace Prize for his non-violent opposition to apartheid. A decade later, he witnessed the end of that regime and chaired a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, set...

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Jammu and Kashmir

Indian troops martyr one more Kashmiri youth in IIOJ&K

In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Indian troops martyred one more Kashmiri youth in Islamabad district today [Sunday]. The joint teams of Indian army’s Rashtriya Rifles, Central Reserve Police Force and Special Operation Group martyred the youth during a cordon and search operation in Bijbehra area of the district. The troops blocked all entry and exit points of the...

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